Gynotex Dry Tampons 6 Pack

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As there is no string, during sexual intercourse, this tampon is hardly noticeable and having sex is therefore possible. Their safety gives women the freedom to go swimming, visit the sauna, and so on. Whichever physical activity she engages in, the Gynotex soft dry tampon she is wearing should not be an inconvenience.

The purpose of these tampons is to close off the cervix. This makes intercourse during the period both possible and hygienic. The Gynotex Soft-Tampon is a comfort for working women as well as for those active in sport.

  • Contains 6 tampons
  • Separately packed
  • Stringless
  • Hygienic, comfortable and safe
  • Powered by scientific data by gynaecological research

Please note: the tampon must be placed in the right position

(Text last reviewed on 17/02/2020)