What Type of Condom Should I Buy?

What Type of Condom Should I Buy?

Most of us, at some point, have experienced the same dilemma. Standing in the condom aisle, looking at the brightly coloured display of orgasm-inducing condoms that all offer you something sensational and not knowing where to begin. There are condoms that give you intense orgasms, condoms that delay climax, condoms that glow in the dark, condoms that are ultra-thin and that’s just for starters. With all these options to choose from, it can be hard to know which condom is the right one for you. 

That's why we've made it simple for you. Read on to find out why it’s important to choose the right condom, how to measure your penis correctly, understand why choosing the correct size is important what to do if you're allergic to latex and much more...

Why is it important to choose the right condom?

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Condoms are a popular method of contraception which provide protection from sexually transmitted infections, HIV and pregnancy. Although we all know they're not 100% effective, their job is to stop sperm coming into contact with the vagina, preventing any sexual fluid from being transferred. With such an important job to do, it’s important that the condom you wear is the correct one for you. 

While condoms are designed to stretch, wearing the wrong size can ruin the moment. If you wear a condom that feels too big or doesn’t cover all of your penis, it may slip off during sex. If the condom is too long, it may feel uncomfortable as this will mean it will be significantly rolled up at the base of the penis, while a condom that’s too tight leaves a risk of the condom splitting. Therefore, using the wrong size condom can mean you aren’t fully protected and can increase your risk of pregnancy, STI’s or HIV. 


Some condom manufacturers use slightly different measurements so it’s always best to measure your own penis first to find out exactly which size is best for you. Our condoms come in three standard sizes:

Trim: A narrower width and a smaller fit. 180mm nominal length. 49mm nominal width

Regular: Our most popular condom. 190mm nominal length. 54mm nominal width

King Size: A wider and longer condom for a bigger fit. 205mm nominal length. 60mm nominal width.

Super King: Super wide - super long. 210mm nominal length. 69mm nominal width

We’ve added a size guide to every condom product page, so it’s now even easier to select the correct size. 

Measuring size

How to correctly measure your penis

Firstly, find yourself a ruler and measuring tape and make sure your penis is erect. This will ensure you buy the perfect fit. If you measure your penis when it is flaccid, there’s a chance you may buy the wrong size condom. When measuring, you are looking for the length and width of your penis. Your penis width will affect how a condom fits and stays on and the length is important because the condom needs to cover the whole penis and leave space for your semen. 

Measuring Length: 

  1. Place a ruler or measuring tape under your erection, making sure the edge of the measuring tool is at the base of your penis, ensuring that the entire shaft will be covered.
  2. Your length is the number (in mm) that you see above the tip of your penis (this is the measurement of your erect penis to the end of the tip).

Measuring Width:

  1. Wrap your measuring tape gently around the middle of your erection. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can loop a piece of string around your penis and then measure the string with a ruler afterwards.
  2. The measurement on the measuring tape / of the string (in mm) is the width* of your penis.

*this is not the 'nominal' width, this is the circumference of your penis.

Please note: you may want to choose a slightly different size, based on your personal preference. If your size does not match one of our condom sizes exactly, your best option is to choose the nearest size condom. Also, don't be afraid to try out different sizes to find out what is most comfortable for you. A proper fit is both comfortable and held snugly in position.

Did you know? It's better that a condom has more length or less width rather than be too wide or short. 

What if I'm allergic to latex? 

For those that are allergic to latex, we also offer our Unique non-latex condoms. Made from ultra-thin synthetic resin AT-10, they are 100% latex-free and our thinnest condom to date.

What condoms could I choose? 

For those wanting a different sensation:

Climax: Pleasure with warming and cooling sensations
Climax: pleasure with warming or cooling sensations


Intensity: ribbed and dotted condoms
Intensity: rib and dot textured condoms, for increased satisfaction and enhancing pleasure for both parties.


Passion: ribbed texture builds on internal pleasure

 Passion's defined ribbed texture builds on internal pleasure; an experience like no other.


For those wanting a condom extra-thick / ultra-thin:

Extra Thick condoms with extra lubeExtra: extra thick with extra lube for extra pleasure…


Feel: ultra-thin for intense closeness.


For those wanting some novelty fun: 

Glow in the dark condomsGlow: once exposed to light, they’re perfect for some fluorescent fun.  


For those wanting to delay ejaculation:

Infinity Delay: to postpone male ejaculation Infinity: postpone the male climax for a longer, lasting pleasurable experience. 


For those wanting oral sex:

Taste Condoms: perfect for oral sex

Taste: minty fresh, strawberry crush, chocolate temptation and blueberry blast.


For those who need a size up:

King Size: for those who need a bigger sizeKing Size: wider and longer for an ultimate fit



For those that need a closer fit:

Trim CondomsTrim: tailor-made for complete peace of mind and comfort.



For those that want something romantic:

Naturelle: for a natural and sensitive feeling

Naturelle: for a natural and sensitive feeling

For those that still can’t decide: 

Variety Condom Bundle

Variety Condom Bundle: test and trial an array of our condoms or simply enjoy mixing it up in the bedroom with our variety pack of 5 different condoms! The best way to try out different condoms, and decide on your favourites.



For tips on how to use a condom correctly, we've created a handy guide so you never have to worry about putting one on again. 

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