• STIQ Day: 14th January 2022

    STIQ Day: 14th January 2022
    STIQ day takes place every year in January to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections. Find out more about STIQ day, what STI tests are available, how a home-test works, how quickly you receive results and how to protect yourself from catching sexually transmitted infections.
  • Worlds Aids Day

    Worlds Aids Day
    To celebrate Worlds Aids Day, we’re looking at the history of HIV and Aids, exploring HIV treatment, how to test for HIV as well as how to protect yourself from acquiring HIV.
  • Men’s Health Awareness Month

    Men’s Health Awareness Month
    In honour of Men’s Health Awareness Month, let’s find out more about men's sexual health and why condoms prevent STI's, the different types of STI’s that you could be exposed to, why checking your testicles are important, what your testicles should feel like as well as tips on how to check you testicles.
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