• Sex Ed: Orgasms

    Sex Ed: Orgasms
    What is an orgasm? An orgasm happens at the height of sexual arousal, leading to intense pleasure and a release of physical tension. Find out how to have one, the benefits to having an orgasm and why you might be finding having an orgasm difficult.
  • Sex Ed: Sex and your Period

    Sex Ed: Sex and your Period
    Sex and your period: Had it? curious? Or do you prefer to opt out? Let’s tackle a few misconceptions and find out if it’s safe to have sex while on your period, can you get pregnant during your period, the benefits of having period sex and the downsides as well as some exciting tips to make period sex more satisfying.
  • Sex Ed: How Lubricant can Enhance your Sex-life

    Sex Ed: How Lubricant can Enhance your Sex-life
    How can lubricant enhance your sex-life? Find out what natural lubricant is, misconceptions, the different types of lubricants there are, what lubricants we have available, how to communicate with your partner about adding lube to your sex-life and how to use it.
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