Pasante Strawberry, Mint and Gentle Light Lubricant 3 Pack Bundle
[tagline]The perfect throuple to elevate your intimate experiences[/tagline]  This lube combination is the perfect way to elevate your intimate experiences and includes:  Gentle Light Lubricant Sensual Strawberry Lubricant  Fresh Mint Lubricant Features include: Non-spermicidal CE marked Condom-friendly 100% paraben-free Hand...
Ultimate Comfort Condom and Lube Bundle
[tagline]The perfect combination of thin condoms and gentle light lube for ultimate comfort and pleasure[/tagline]   Introducing the Ultimate comfort bundle - The perfect combination of thin condoms and gentle light lube for the ultimate comfort and pleasure.  The bundle...
Sexual Health Booklets (4 Pack)
[tagline]Our A6 Sexual Health Booklets contain useful and informative content on some of the most common methods of contraception, the facts and fiction of pregnancy, the different STIs there are and various lubricant choices.[/tagline] This 4 pack contains one of...
Poster Set (Pack of 5)
[tagline]Our poster set, contains 5 variants so that you have a mixture of posters to display, whether that be for your pharmacy, doctors surgery, sexual health clinic, school or a sexual health campaign.[/tagline] Our poster set, contains 5 variants so...
Pasante Christmas Themed Condoms Limited Edition 36 Pack
[tagline]Embrace the Christmas spirit with our Limited Edition Christmas Condom Pack! This collection of condoms feature festive designs that will add a playful touch to your intimate moments. Each pack includes 36 regular condoms encased in a festive designed foil ensuring...
Sold Out
A Night to Remember
[tagline]This 'A Night to Remember' condom & lubricant bundle is the perfect way to make your evening memorable[/tagline] This night to remember condom & lubricant bundle is the perfect way to make sure your night is memorable.  The bundle includes: ...
Zero Latex Bundle
[tagline]For latex allergy sufferers wanting the ultimate sexual health bundle.[/tagline] This bundle includes: Internal Condoms 3 Pack Unique Condoms 12 Pack Gentle Light Lubricant 75ml Additional features: Condoms are non-spermicidally lubricated, and lubricant is non-spermicidal CE marked Does not contain...
First Time Kit
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