We work with Independent Bodies, Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities to provide sexual health solutions to the UK and educate members of the public.

Find all our involvements listed below:


Brook Regency Romance Campaign

Ahead of Bridgerton's finale, we’ve teamed up with Brook to introduce a NEW campaign… ‘Regency Romance - without the risk!’ 🌹 A campaign that seeks to raise awareness about the alarming rise of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) across the UK, while promoting responsible sexual behaviour among young people. Watch our campaign here to find out the truth about the salaciously saucy world of the 1800s and how to prevent the very same STIs that were on the loose then ruining all our ruinous fun today. Click the logo above to find out more.

Sex Education Forum

Established in 1987, the Sex Education Forum is a group of partners working together to achieve quality Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for all children and young people.
Pasante and the Sex Ed Forum work together. We have similar values and both believe that everyone should have access to sexual health education and products. We provide and promote resources, events, publications, research and other initiatives to young people, teachers and educators - we champion this as a team!


Headstrong Podcast

Pasante has been the sponsor of Headstrong - an interview-style podcast engaging with a variety of well-known individuals in the public eye discussing their lives, careers but notably their vulnerabilities. No topic is withheld during the free flowing conversations addressing many important issues and themes such as mental health, the HIV/AIDs pandemic, bullying and sexuality.


The APPG on HIV/AIDS work with charities based in the UK and abroad, the private sector and the UK Government to raise awareness of the issues that most affect people living with HIV. They do this with the help of sponsorships, INSTI our HIV Testing Kit brand is one of these sponsors.


Crisis at Christmas

Crisis at Christmas is a major project from the homelessness charity Crisis. Each year, they open centres across the UK, to bring warmth, companionship and vital services to homeless people at one of the hardest times of the year, and offer a starting point out of homelessness. Crisis solely rely on donations, so every year Pasante donate 2,000 condoms, to help the homeless look after their sexual health.
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