Four ways to unleash your sexual fantasies this Halloween

Four ways to unleash your sexual fantasies this Halloween

It’s the spooky season we’ve all been waiting for; pumpkin carving, creepy costumes and trick-or-treating. Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year, but not because of the long-standing traditions of sweets and costumes, it’s the perfect time to explore our inner sexual desires and recreate those sexual fantasies that have kept us aroused all year long. Whether you love to re-enact a sexual alter-ego, use a blindfold to intensify sensations and orgasms, or indulge in a Halloween sex-party, Halloween allows you to unleash that inner sexual demon and experience the most intense orgasms of the night. 

Here are four ways to unleash your sexual fantasies this spooky season…

Sexual fantasy 1: Choose the perfect costume

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is the chance to step into an alter-ego, and during this magical night, you have the choice to be anyone you want to be. Choosing the perfect costume is the key to unlocking your deepest fantasies, whether you prefer to play the role of a seductive vampire, a mischievous witch or take on the whimsical spirit of a playful ghost. Consider both your own and your partner's sexual desires, and you can create costumes that fuel both your Halloween-themed sexual fantasies. Halloween costumes can ignite your sexual passions, leaving you experiencing spine-tingling screams that only happen during the spooky season. 

Sexual fantasy 2: Create a fantasy scenario

Once you’ve chosen your costumes, you could take it one step further by creating fantasy scenarios where your alter-ego’s really come to life. As you step into your chosen costumes, you can then fully embrace the characters that you’ve chosen - embodying their whole personality, quirks and behaviour. From here, you can create sexual narratives around your character that you know will turn your partner on; is there a captivating backstory that will fuel their desire? Or maybe your alter ego’s are engaged in a secret affair - by breathing life into your narrative, you can make the fantasy more sexually charged.  

Remember: It’s important to be mindful of both you and your partner's sexual desires and boundaries beforehand, so it’s always good to have this conversation in advance around consent and what you are prepared to engage in and what is strictly off the sexual table.

Sexual fantasy 3: Explore sensory play

One way to enhance your Halloween-themed sexual fantasies is by adding sensory play to your sexual encounters. Props such as blindfolds, feathers, ice cubes and scented oils can add a whole new experience to your sex-life, and what better occasion to start creating your sexual fantasies than this spooky season, when you’re already dressed up as your alter-ego. Consider adding different textures and temperatures to heighten your partner's senses. In addition, perhaps you may explore new sexual avenues of pleasure by adding sensory condoms in your fantasy-themed night. Here are a few options that can help to add a whole new layer of excitement to your sexual experience.

Taste condoms - Kick off your sensory adventure by blindfolding yourself and inviting your partner to put on a flavoured condom discreetly. As you’re engaging in oral sex with your partner, tantalise your taste buds and attempt to guess what flavour they’ve chosen. 

Climax condoms - For an experience that offers two different sensations, consider trying our climax condoms. With both warming and cooling sensations, climax condoms offer a different sexual experience every time you have sex - it’s a definite way to send shivers down your spine. 

Glow in the dark - When the lights go out, let the magic of glow-in-the-dark condoms take over. The luminous glow will not only add an element of excitement to your sexual experience, but also create a whole new spooky dimension to your Halloween night. 

Sexual fantasy 4: Embrace the Spooky Season 

This spooky season brings with it a spooky and atmospheric ambience, making the perfect backdrop for your Halloween sexual fantasies. Dim the lights, light some candles and play eerie music to set the scene - you could visualise yourself in a haunted mansion or a centuries-old castle, exploring hidden rooms and secret passages together. Allow your environment to be a continuation of your sexual desires -  not only is this a good way of increasing the intimacy between both you and your partner, it’s also a really fun way of amplifying excitement and anticipation to your sexual fantasies.   

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