International Kissing Day - 6th July

International Kissing Day - 6th July

International Kissing Day takes place on 6th July to celebrate our love for one another. There’s many different ways to kiss that have been a part of our culture for thousands of years. While attraction and affection are usually combined with a passionate embrace, a french-kiss or oral-sex, other ways of kissing may be a peck-on-the cheek or a kiss on the lips. So if you haven’t shown a loved one how you feel about them - maybe International Kissing Day is the perfect opportunity for this. 

One study revealed that those between the ages of 18-24 are kissing an average of 11 times a week, while 5% of those aged over 45 are having approximately 31 passionate kisses a week - showing how much we all still love to kiss. 

With this in mind, let’s find out how to give the perfect kiss, different kissing styles you could try and how to give good penis or vaginal oral sex.

How to give the perfect kiss

If you are not sure how to give the perfect kiss or have never given a kiss before, we have some tips on making sure you become an expert in no time - what better time to learn than International Kissing day! 

  • Keep your mouth natural and tender - you don’t want to open your mouth too wide or keep your lips pursed closed. Relax and follow your partner's lead. 
  • Control your tongue. You may have heard of ‘french kissing’ and may assume that you stick your tongue straight in while kissing, but you will want to start slowly and build up to using your tongue (and always be mindful that your partner may not like it).
  • Remember this experience is for both of you. Be respectful that they will want to make it memorable and enjoyable too. 
  • Have a fresh breath. There’s nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath, so use mouthwash, brush your teeth or have a mint before you go in to kiss. 

Different kissing styles you could try this International kissing day

Cup face with hands
This is quite a romantic pose, where you gently take your partner's face in your hands and move them towards you to kiss them. 

Play with her hair
This style is more effective with a partner with long hair, but it can be done for anyone. Take your hand and gently place it at the front of their face and push their hair back with your fingers. This is a good way to show your intention before you go in to kiss them.

Tease before you kiss
This is a playful style where you lean in and play with their lips a little bit before planting a soft kiss. You can then move away a little bit slowly, leaving them wanting more and gradually going back in for another.

Push her up against the wall  
This can be quite effective as there’s a sense of playful dominance and control that can often make the kiss more passionate. Gently push your partner back towards a wall and lean into them as you kiss. 

How to give good oral sex 

Kissing on the lips is just one way of showing your love this International Kissing Day, another way you may want to kiss is through oral-sex. Giving your partner oral-sex can provide them with intense pleasure and can be a very intimate act between two people. 

Vagina oral-sex

  1. Start slowly. Start by kissing the top of her thigh before slowly making your way down her leg to her genitals.
  2. Gently part the outer lips of the vagina, and locate the vaginal opening and the hooded clitoris. 
  3. Start by using gentle licks and sucks on the clitoris and notice how your partner responds. Some women like a motion of up and down licking, while others prefer side to side. Get her to tell you what feels good, the motion and the speed, as this will help you to learn what feels good for her. 
  4. Once you have found a rhythm that she loves, keep going. You might have to change the pressure and swap from a soft lick and suck to something more hard and firmer when you feel she is close to orgasm - but get your partner to tell you. 
  5. Some women like to feel the tongue penetrating the vaginal opening, so talk to your partner about what they enjoy doing. 
  6. You can use our strawberry lubricant to add a little something extra to your vaginal oral sex experience.

Penis oral-sex

  1. Start by kissing his lips and then slowly make your way down his body, kissing his chest, until you reach his trousers which you can unbutton and slowly remove. 
  2. Hold his penis in your hand, and gently put it in your mouth and suck for a few seconds before taking it back out and kissing and licking the sides of the shaft, using your breath for an extra sensation.
  3. Use your hands to rub him up and down while you simultaneously lick and suck his penis.
  4. Watch how he responds and ask him to tell you what he enjoys so you can find a motion and speed that he loves. 
  5. Keep sucking his penis, moving his penis up and down in your mouth until he orgasms - you can also use your tongue to flick the end of his penis - as that’s where he’s particularly sensitive.
  6. Add a touch of mint lubricant to the penis for a tongue-tingling sensation.
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