Introducing our new Internal Condoms

Introducing our new Internal Condoms

Here at Pasante HQ, we are celebrating. You may have noticed that our female condoms disappeared from our shelves for a while, but fear not - they are coming back! Not only are they coming back, we’ve also given them a make-over and a brand new gender-less name and we wanted you to be the first to know. Following on from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who changed the name of female condoms to internal condoms to be more inclusive, we’d love to introduce you to our own internal condoms. 

Our internal condoms are identical to the female condom you loved so much - the only thing that’s changed is the name and the design. They are still latex-free, don’t contain animal-derived ingredients as well as having all the same safety requirements. 

To celebrate this exciting news, we thought we’d learn more about internal condoms; the history of female condoms, what they do, the benefits of wearing one, some frequently asked questions as well as how to insert an internal condom. 

A bit of History:

FC was the 1st Generation Female condom made from polyurathene. It was the world's first female condom accredited by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It was available from 1992-2009 but is now discontinued. This condom was known for making noise when used.

FC2 is the 2nd Generation Female condom made from soft, smooth, non-latex Nitrile. Available from 2009 - present in 150 countries worldwide. This condom does not make noise. 

What is an internal condom? 

An internal condom, formally known as a female condom is a type of condom that fits inside your vagina rather than covering a penis. Our internal condom is made up of nitrile and silicone oil lubricant and just like a regular condom stops sperm from coming into contact with the vagina protecting you from both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy - benefiting from being 95% effective with perfect use. 

Very simple to use, internal condoms can be placed inside the vagina for up to eight hours before you have sex, making them the perfect condom to take out with you on a night-out as well as other special occasions. 

What are the benefits of using internal condoms?

  • They contain no unnecessary side-effects that you can occasionally get with other contraceptives.
  • Perfect for those who are allergic to latex.
  • Triple protection - protecting against unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV.
  • Hypoallergenic, synthetic material (Nitrile)
  • Can be worn after ejaculation (increasing the duration of intimacy)
  • The internal condom is shaped for increased satisfaction. You can stimulate the clitoris with the inner ring before insertion, whilst the outer ring moves back and forward - increasing satisfaction for the receptive partner.
  • Quickly warms up to body temperature
  • Odourless
  • Lubricated with silky, long-lasting silicone-based lubricant
  • Internal condoms, or formally female condoms can be placed inside the vagina up to eight hours before you have sex, for interruption-free intimacy (this is of course optional).
  • They can be used in addition to other methods of contraception, for example; the pill, depo, the implant or the coil.
  • More comfortable as they are slightly wider than a traditional condom - allowing more breathing space (but still being fully protected).
  • Easy to remove after use.

Can I use an internal condom if I am on my period?

Yes, absolutely! Our internal condoms are completely safe to use when you are on your period and will not impact the condoms effectiveness. 

Can I use lubricant with internal condoms?

You can use any lubricant with our internal condoms. While they already come pre-lubricated - if you wanted to use additional lubricant, we recommend either our refreshing mint, succulent strawberry or gentle light lubricant

How to insert an internal condom?

If you've ever used a neuva cup/menstrual cup before, it's a pretty similar exercise!

Before you use an Internal Condom (or any condom for that matter) this is what you should do:

  • Check the expiry
  • Check the CE
  • Check it's not been opened
  • Rub the package to ensure the lubricant is evenly spread over the entire condom 

How do ladies insert the internal condom?

Sitting/Squatting/Elevated leg/Lying down 

Make sure the inner ring is in the opening past your vaginal canal and the outer ring sits covering the vaginal opening. 

Recommend to practice 1-3 times inserting the female condom (with new condom each time) to ensure you are confident & comfortable. 

  1. Always read the instructions before using our internal condom.
  2. Before opening the internal condom, feel for it inside the packaging and push it to the side before tearing open.
  3. Find a comfortable position and lie or squat - you can do the same position as if you were inserting a tampon and separate the lips of the vagina with one hand.
  4. Squeeze the flexible inner-ring between your thumb and middle finger, making it long and narrow and gently slide the condom inside of you. 
  5. Using your middle finger, insert the internal condom as far as you can while leaving the outer-ring on the outside, close to your vagina.
  6. Don’t worry if the condom feels a little loose - that’s perfectly normal.
  7. After sex, pinch the outer ring to keep the sperm inside the condom, twist 3 times and then pull the condom out. 
  8. Wrap it in a paper towel or tissue and discard it in the bin 


It's one time use only. 

Don't wear an internal and external condom at the same time as it increases friction between the two and could cause one to split.

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