Men’s Health Week: 12th - 18th June

Men’s Health Week: 12th - 18th June

Every year, we come together to celebrate Men’s Health Week; a whole week aimed at increasing awareness about important men’s health issues. Condoms are crucial for protecting sexual health, reducing the risk of unintended pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted infections and HIV. However, a common misconception that prevents men from using a condom is that they believe it reduces sexual pleasure. But did you know that wearing a condom can actually enhance sexual pleasure for both yourself and your partner?

Therefore to celebrate Men’s Health Week we thought we’d focus on highlighting the significance of condoms in enhancing sexual enjoyment - here’s 4 benefits to wearing condoms that can enhance sexual pleasure, not only for yourself but also for your partner. 

Experience Different Sensations

One benefit to using condoms is that you can experience different sensations during sexual activity. Condoms come in a wide range of textures, designed to enhance sexual pleasure and heightened sensitivity. Therefore, this Men’s Health Week - we thought we’d share a few of our favourites;

Ribbed condoms 

Ribbed condoms have raised ridges running along the surface of the condom, increasing the feeling of stimulation. The ridges create friction and gentle pressure against sensitive areas, such as the clitorus or the top of the penis, enhancing pleasure and increasing arousal. This increase in sensation can lead to a more intense and satisfying sexual experience. 

Ribbed and Dotted condoms

Ribbed and Dotted condoms feature two of our popular sensations in one condom. Whilst the ribbed condoms create friction and increased sensitivity, the small raised dots provide an additional level of stimulation, creating more intense orgasms.  

Warming and Cooling condoms

Warming and Cooling condoms offer two different and pleasurable experiences. The warming condoms are designed to provide a gentle warming sensation when coming into contact with the body - this increase in temperature can increase blood flow, causing more sexual sensitivity and intensifying the pleasure for both partners. Meanwhile, the cooling condoms provide a cooling sensation when in contact with the body. This cooling sensation can help to stimulate nerve endings, creating a tingling and refreshing feeling that can enhance arousal and sexual pleasure. 

Ultra-thin condoms 

Our ultra-thin condoms are the perfect way to increase sensitivity and intimacy between yourself and your partner. For those that love the intimate sensation that you experience when you are not wearing a condom - this condom provides an intense closeness whilst making sure you are fully protected from risk of pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV. 

Can relax more 

Another benefit to using condoms this Men’s Health Week is that condoms can make you relax more during sexual activity. When you’re not worrying about the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection, you can immerse yourself fully in the moment whilst enjoying the intimate connection without the fear of consequences. In addition, if you’re not ready to start a family or are not ready to have children, condoms make the perfect form of contraception. Knowing you can enjoy sexual intercourse without the fear of unintended pregnancy, causes you to relax more into the moment.


Did you know condoms already come pre-lubricated? Lubrication is necessary for reducing friction and making sexual activities more comfortable and enjoyable. By using condoms this Men’s Health Week, condoms can provide that extra bit of lubrication for more pleasurable experiences. Not only that, a pre-lubricated condom can ensure that the condom reduces the risk of breaking due to friction - making sure you are fully protected from risk of unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Enhanced oral sex 

Another benefit to wearing condoms is that they enhance pleasure during oral sex. Using flavoured condoms during sexual activity can increase sensory stimulation through an array of different flavours and experiences. Not only are flavoured condoms enjoyable for the person performing oral sex, but enhanced tingling sensations can also be felt by the other partner, increasing sexual enjoyment and a more intense orgasm.

With a wide range of flavours, from Minty Fresh, Strawberry Crush, Chocolate Temptation or Blueberry Blast - there really is a flavour for everyone to enjoy this Men’s Health Week.

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