How to Maintain Connection and Intimacy when Away at Christmas

How to Maintain Connection and Intimacy when Away at Christmas

‘Tis the season for celebration, exchanging gifts and surrounding ourselves with friends and family. However, the hustle-and-bustle of Christmas and family gatherings can sometimes make maintaining connection, intimacy and a healthy sex-life more difficult, especially if we are spending the night away. Therefore this Christmas, we are here to guide you on a magical journey through the twinkling of lights and the melody of sleigh bells to uncover the secrets of maintaining a Christmas romance this festive season. 

Mistletoe Magic

Mistletoe is usually a symbol of Christmas romance, however, how do you steal a kiss without attracting a crowd of eager onlookers? Being able to find a balance between festive traditions, maintaining connection and intimacy and letting the playful spirit of the season add a spark to your holiday stay can sometimes prove challenging. 

However, we’re on hand to help. One playful approach to maintaining your Christmas romance is to turn mistletoe encounters into an exciting game. Create a secret signal with your partner to initiate a sneaky smooch under the mistletoe, whilst no-one is looking. Not only will both of you be eagerly anticipating the next move, but also it’s a fun way of increasing the intimacy and connection between you both. By the time you find yourselves alone, the anticipation will likely lead to a burning desire to take things one step further… 

Feeling the stocking 

Finding a moment to connect with your partner during the holiday season can be like searching for a candy cane in a Christmas stocking. Discovering how to maintain intimacy and connection through physical touch can sometimes be difficult, especially when surrounded by family and friends. 

Just like you would excitedly push your hand into the Christmas stocking with anticipation, exploring the contents, let your touch add a similar curiosity and desire with your partner. Whether you indulge in a playful tickle, a gentle caress, or a satisfying squeeze - the act of physical affection can become a secret language that can help build connection and intimacy between you and your partner. 

Let the magic of Christmas become infused with the magic of touch. Snuggle up under shared blankets by the fireside, savour the sweet smell of Christmas sweet-treats in the air, and when you’re not secretly enjoying one another's touch - you can delight in feeling the stockings together - a moment that can help deepen your connection in the holiday spirit. 

As the evening draws to an end, the longing to touch one another will feel so strong that as soon as you and your partner are alone together, you will both eagerly anticipate touching every fibre of one another’s body - leading to a more satisfying sexual experience and intense orgasm.

The Gift of Communication 

Open and honest communication is an important part of any successful relationship, and especially true during the festivities of Christmas, when chaos and stress can sometimes cause friction in relationships. One of the gifts you can give to your relationships this Christmas is the gift of communication - to open up and listen to one another is a good way of building intimacy and connection. 

Is there a sexual desire you’ve been anticipating trying? A new condom or lubricant? Perhaps the anticipation of being caught in a compromising position sparks excitement? Could you turn the art of lovemaking into an exciting game, in how discreet you can be, when staying over at friends or relatives houses?  

Through opening up dialogue between yourself and your partner, you can strengthen the bond of intimacy and connection with your partner for a pathway of shared exploitation. Each conversation becomes an opportunity to enhance your sex-life and deepen connection leading to more pleasurable orgasms. Therefore, to celebrate your Christmas romance, unwrap the gift of communication and let it guide you into a new realm of sensations, excitement and intense pleasure…

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