Five New Year's Resolutions for Sexual Well-being

Five New Year's Resolutions for Sexual Well-being

As we step into a brand new year, most of us are contemplating our New Year's resolutions as a way of motivating ourselves into making positive changes. Whilst our focus is usually centred on physical health and nutrition, it’s equally important to prioritise our sexual health. Our sexual health plays an important part in our overall health and wellbeing, and sometimes this part of our life can be overlooked, leaving us at risk of sexually transmitted infections and lacking a sexually fulfilling sex life. 

Therefore, to start 2024 with an exciting leap - we’re on hand to guide you into setting your empowering New Year sexual wellbeing resolutions for the exciting new year ahead. Here’s five of our favourite New Year's resolutions to help improve your sexual well-being.

New Year Resolution 1: Regular Sexual Health Screens

Regular sexual health screens are an important part of your health and wellbeing, in the same way a medical check-up is. Having a regular sexual health screen helps protect you from the long-term effects of sexually transmitted infections, whilst allowing you the opportunity to discuss any sexual health concerns with a professional. Regular screening allows the early detection of potential concerns whilst being able to access treatment much sooner - an essential part of maintaining good sexual wellbeing. We recommend having a sexual health screen annually or after every new partner - therefore, to kick off 2024 with a bang, one of your New Year's resolutions could be to book yourself into a sexual health clinic for a vital sexual health screen. 

New Year Resolution 2: Regular Condom use for Safer Sex 

One of the most simple New Year resolutions we can make is prioritising regular use of condoms. Condoms act as a barrier between sexual fluids from being transferred, reducing the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, whilst preventing unintended pregnancy. There’s a false assumption that condoms are often uncomfortable, but that’s only because the wrong size condom is worn. Condoms are extremely comfortable and come in different sizes, flavours and sensations, so there’s always a condom to help satisfy your sexual need. If you’re unsure of the condom size you require, you can use our shape and size measurer to help you pick the perfect size condom. Therefore, this New Year, make condom use a priority and protect your sexual wellbeing.

New Year Resolution 3: Experiment with Lubricant 

Lubricants are one of those sexual products that can revolutionise your sex-life. Lubricants can help reduce the risk of friction and discomfort during intimate moments, making the sexual experience far more satisfying and pleasurable. Not only that, it adds a new dimension to your sexual experience, depending on what type of lubricant you use. Our strawberry lubricant is a perfect addition for oral sex, whilst our mint lubricant works well for oral sex, masturbation, sex or anal play - and offers a tingly sensation. Our lubricating jelly is specially formulated for women from pre-to-post menopause, and our light lube is a perfect allrounder. By exploring the different lubricants available, it can open doors to a whole new sexual experience contributing to our sexual wellbeing. 

New Year Resolution 4: Get Clear on Contraception Options 

Understanding the right contraception can sometimes feel overwhelming with so many options available. Therefore, consider making one of your New Year resolutions for 2024 to dedicate some time researching the different methods of contraception available. Whether you are wanting a long-acting reversible contraception, such as the intrauterine device (IUD) or the intrauterine system (IUS), prefer a daily contraceptive pill, or would like to use condoms during sexual activity - it’s time to get clear on what contraception is available and which one best suits your lifestyle and needs. Choosing the right contraception is important in protecting your sexual health and sexual wellbeing, and when you're caught in the heat of the moment - you can feel reassured that your sexual health is being protected. 

New Year Resolution 5: Add in Romance 

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be too easy to stop appreciating one another and forget about romance and passion. Therefore, if you find your relationship has gone a little stagnant - perhaps 2024 is the year to reignite the passion back into your love life. Start by creating moments of connection through surprise gestures or planned date nights - leaving a note of appreciation or planning a thoughtful surprise can help to rekindle the emotional connection. Communicating your desires, feelings and actively listening to your partner is an important part of any relationship, and without it can sometimes leave us feeling disconnected from one another. Therefore, if you’re feeling unhappy and dissatisfied in your relationship - it’s time to make some positive changes and add a bit of romance into your love life. 

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