5 Frisky Valentines Gifts to Fall in Love with

5 Frisky Valentines Gifts to Fall in Love with

Covid and Cupid are hardly the romantic duo we expected to see this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean our loved ones can’t have a Valentine’s gift to remember. This year, we are swapping romantic nights-out for cosy nights-in and what better way to embrace covid than with some lockdown loving….

Red heart balloon

Here are five of our favourite Valentine’s gifts, ideas and sex positions to get hearts racing and juices flowing…. 

Turn up the heat…..

Valentine’s Ideas: First things first, we need to set the scene - light the candles for a soft ambience, add your favourite music and set the phones to do-not-disturb because things are about to get steamy…

Valentine’s Gift: You never need an excuse to have amazing sex, so why not indulge yourself in intense pleasure using our captivating climax condoms. With warming and cooling sensations, it’ll heat that sweet spot up in no time…

Sex position to try: If you’ve never tried the ‘edge of the bed’ position, you’ve been missing out. With the female on her back and her legs up against his chest, the male can penetrate deeper inside of her for a more satisfying orgasm. 

Blow their mind…..

Valentine’s Ideas: On a frosty February night, what better way to show someone you care than sharing a sensual bath. Add the bubbles, pour the bubbles and let the moment take over…

Valentine’s Gift:  Spoil your loved one with a touch of tantalising oral sex. Spend time gently sucking, licking and kissing your partner’s genitals until they climax. Whether you’re feeling fruity or notoriously naughty, we have a flavour for every moment…. 

Sex position to try: Great oral sex is all about the angles, so prop a pillow up behind your bottom to lift your genitals higher in the air - this will help to give your partner better access, which can only be a good thing, right? 

Lockdown Love affair with Lubricant

Women couple in bed

Valentine’s Ideas: Pick-up a blanket, cosy-up on the sofa and watch a romantic movie together. After the magic of the movie has ended, you’ll want to make your own fantasy come true...

Valentine’s Gift: Freshen up your sex-life with a touch of minty-lubricant. Gently massage onto your partners genitals for a tingling sensation they’ll want to savour again and again…..

Sex position to try: The side-way spoon is the perfect position for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Lie on your side (just like you were if you were spooning) and have your partner gently thrust their penis inside of you. While he’s making love from behind, his hands can gently stimulate the clitoris… 

Discover delay…

Valentine’s Ideas: Ramp up the romance this Valentine’s Day by spending the afternoon giving your partner a deep-luxurious massage. Take it in turns to sensuously soothe each other’s body and by the end of the evening, you’ll want the mind-blowing moment to last all night long….

Valentine’s Gift: Looking for a night to remember? Our imaginative Infinity Condoms will help make those mesmerising moments last a little longer….

Sex position to try: If you’re always doing missionary, it’s time to switch it around with the ‘on top’ position. Ask your partner to lie down on their back, straddle him from above and slowly move up and down - there’s nothing more satisfying than being in the saddle.

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Spice it up with variety….

Valentine’s Ideas: Love a bit of variety? Spend the evening with your loved one taking turns to choose the evening activity. Maybe you’ll choose a film, maybe they’ll choose a massage - the fun is in the spontaneity.

Valentine’s Gift: If you’ve always wanted to try something new, now’s the time to experiment. With our popular variety bundle, you can spend a romantic Sunday afternoon discovering new sensations (or positions).

Sex position to try: The Bridge - lie-down in the missionary position and ask your partner to kneel between your legs while holding your bum and legs up like a bridge. With a position like this, he can thrust deeper inside of you while massaging or licking your clitoris at the same time. 
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