Are you RSE ready?

Are you RSE ready?

Back in June last year, The Department for Education wrote to schools in England, instructing them that they no longer needed to begin teaching the new Relationship and Sex Education curriculum in September 2020. It certainly hasn’t been easy to implement a great RSE curriculum with the pressures and uncertainty of COVID-19, so if you’ve managed to - we take our hats off to you!

For most schools, they will have taken advantage of the flexibility and will be delaying until the summer term of 2021.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to talk to young people about sex. By the end of secondary school, pupils need to have been taught a whole range of sex education, from contraception methods to sexually transmitted infections, how to practice safer sex as well as knowledge on putting on a condom.  

RSE will enable young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health to enable them to keep themselves emotionally and sexually safe as they progress into adulthood. This is why we have been working hard behind the scenes to create a unique RSE toolkit that will provide you with everything you may need to deliver relationship and sex education in school to make it that little bit easier. 

What does the RSE toolkit include?

RSE Toolkit

84 Latex male condoms 

You’ll receive an assortment of 84 condoms for demonstration purposes so you can stay up-to-date with the latest condoms on offer. Here’s a list of some of the condoms you may receive (contents may vary):

  • Regular
  • Trim 
  • King-size
  • Super King-size
  • Intensity
  • Feel
  • Taste                           

4 Non-latex male condoms

It's just as important to talk to students about non-latex condoms, as it is about latex condoms - so we've also included 4 of our non-latex condoms.

6 Condom Demonstrators

Our condom demonstrator is the perfect way to teach young people the art of putting on a condom. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and come in a little box that can be easily stored. 

24 Lubricant sachets

Lubricants can enhance the sexual experience between two people which is why we have added 24 of our lubricant sachets to the RSE toolkit - the perfect partner to our condoms. 

4 Shape and Size Tools

A penis comes in all shapes and sizes and with our shape and size tools you can demonstrate the different size condoms that are available and the importance of wearing the correct size condom. If a condom feels too big, it may slip off during sex. If the condom is too long, it may feel uncomfortable while a condom that’s too tight leaves a risk of the condom splitting. Therefore, using the wrong size condom can mean you aren’t fully protected and can increase your risk of pregnancy or STI’s. There is of course a difference between fit and comfort too, which needs to be explained.

20 Sexual health booklets

From pregnancy to sexually transmitted infections, we’ve included 20 of our sexual health booklets to provide you with the tools you need to deliver clear and informative sexual health education. 

6 Sexual health posters 

To enhance your sex education, we’ve added 6 of our sexual health posters for a visual aid that can be displayed in your classroom. 

6 steps to putting on a condom

  1. Read the instructions 
  2. Check the condom wrapper is not damaged and the expiry date is in date.
  3. Carefully tear open the foil with your hands (never use your teeth or scissors as this can damage the condom) 
  4. Check the condom is the right way up 
  5. Squeeze the teat and place it on the erect penis and roll the condom down the entire length of the penis. Remember: always make sure a condom is put on before any sexual activity takes place.
  6. If the condom feels too loose or too tight, use an alternative size condom - we have them in regular, trim or king-size.

For a simple demonstration video, click here: How to put on a condom’ 

How do we order?

To order your RSE Toolkits, you can purchase one here or email our friendly sales team at if you’re looking to buy in bulk!


We are soon launching an RSE refill pack to stock you back up once you have made use of the condoms, leaflets and lubricants in your lessons. This is the most cost-effective way to run your RSE program and means your toolkit can be used for years to come. These will soon be available to buy on our online store too!

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