5 ways to Increase Passion this Valentine’s Day

5 ways to Increase Passion this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is very nearly upon us and we are giddy with excitement here at Pasante HQ. Whether you plan on celebrating with a romantic meal or a cosy night-in with a film, the evening will inevitably end leading to the bedroom. For many couples, having a satisfying sex-life is an important part of their relationship but with a chaotic or busy life, we can end up with a sex-life that feels comfortable and familiar but not necessarily exciting. Therefore, if you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with more intense orgasms - here are 5 ways to increase more passion this Valentine’s Day.

Build intimacy

Passionate love is all about sexual arousal, and for some people emotional and sexual connection go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking to increase passion this Valentine’s Day, a good way to do this is to open dialogue with your partner - increasing the communication and connection between you. This could be about your likes or dislikes, any current fantasies you have been thinking about or a position or technique you may be curious to try. When you lean into vulnerability and disclose something sensitive to your partner, these are the times that you’ll end up feeling closer, leading to a more passionate and intense sex-life.

Be more adventurous

If your sex-life feels like it’s running on autopilot, it might be time to spruce it up a bit. Being more adventurous doesn’t always have to mean donning full bondage gear or experiencing wild sex parties, it may just mean changing the routine a little bit. This could look like having sex at a different time of the day or adding a pillow underneath your bottom to create new angles for your favourite position. However, if you are looking to add a lot more passion to your sex-life this Valentine’s Day, a few things you could try are; treating yourself to a new sex-toy, experiment with fantasies, or blindfolding your partner and using your tongue and mouth to stimulate their erogenous zones. 


It shouldn’t be just those in a relationship that get to enjoy satisfying orgasms. If you’re not regularly practising self-love, then you’ve been missing out. Whether you’re with a partner or not, incorporating more self-love into your sex-life means you get to experience more orgasms and all the physical and mental benefits that come with that. Part of providing yourself with self-love means having self-acceptance and awareness of sexual desires and pleasurable experiences, and what better way than spending time exploring various techniques and sensations whilst learning to pleasure your body and becoming aware of those areas that respond to sexual stimulation. Therefore, one way to increase passion this Valentine’s Day is by providing it to yourself! 

Plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than getting in the mood, reaching over to your bedside cabinet to grab your favourite condom and noticing that you’ve run out. Cue panic and difficult decisions that may result in putting yourself or your partner at risk of pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted infection. One way to make sure that you’re well prepared is to stock up before the big day. If you’re looking for a fun way to increase passion in your sex-life this Valentine’s Day - perhaps there’s a new condom that you’ve yet to experience. With so many different condoms available, you’ll be spoilt for choice between sensations that provide intense orgasms, ones for a more natural feel or flavours for an ultra-oral experience. 

Use lubricant

If you’ve never used lubricant, then you’ve been missing a really important trick in experiencing more satisfying sex. If sex feels uncomfortable or you struggle to self-lubricate when sexually aroused and have been avoiding getting intimate with your partner, lubricant may become your new best-friend. Not only does it help to reduce friction, but it also comes in different sensations and flavours for a more intense experience. Whether you struggle to self-lubricate or not, lubricant may just be that cherry on the top that you’ve been missing out on - our lubricants come in three different varieties; fresh mint, strawberry or gentle light lube. Which one will become your new favourite this Valentine’s Day? 

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