Men's Health Week 2021 (14-21 June)

Men's Health Week 2021 (14-21 June)

For years, mental health has been a cause of concern for men. In 2018, the Office for National Statistics reported 6,507 suicides with 75% coming from males. With men less likely to seek treatment for depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions, Men’s Health Week has focused on encouraging men to start looking after their mental health with the ‘Can Do Challenge’ - five weekdays and five ways to wellbeing with tips on how to improve your physical and mental health.

Sadly, we also see a rise in sexually transmitted infections for gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (MSM) with cases of gonorrhoea, chlamydia, genital herpes and syphilis continuing to rise every year. Furthermore, the NHS states that 1 in 10 men will have sexual-problems at any time, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. While the penis has an important job to do, from removing waste to reproduction, it’s vital that you maintain good penis health.

This Men’s Health Week, we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on men’s sexual health. Here’s five ways to keep your penis healthy, sexually transmitted infections to look out for and five condoms for a satisfying sex-life - one for every weekday. 

Five ways to keep your penis healthy this Men’s Health Week

  1. Men’s sexual health: Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections by wearing a condom during sex and have regular sexual health testing including HIV testing (either once every year or every three months if changing partners frequently).

  2. Stay physically active: Moderate physical activity can significantly reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction.

  3. Practice good hygiene. Remember to wash your penis every day with soap and warm water, making sure you regularly clean beneath the foreskin (if you’re not circumcised).

  4. Pay attention to your mental health: Practice self-care and see a doctor if you are experiencing anxiety, depression or another mental health condition.

  5. Check your penis regularly: look out for any lumps, bumps or discharge around or coming from your penis. The more you check, the more you will be able to notice anything that may need attention. 

Men’s Health Week: Sexually transmitted infections

A sexually transmitted infection (STI) is caused by an infection that is passed on through having unprotected sex. STI’s are transmitted through vaginal, oral, anal sex, skin-to-skin contact as well as sharing sex toys. While most sexually transmitted infections can be treated, without treatment they can lead to long-term health problems for you and your penis so we recommend having an STI test after every partner or at least once a year.

Symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection range from unusual discharge coming from the penis, rash, pain when having sex, pain or swelling of the testicles, pain when passing urine or sores and ulcers on or around the genitals. The best way to protect yourself from catching an STI is to wear a condom or dam every time you have oral sex or sexual intercourse.

Five weekdays; Five condoms

Monday: Feeling passionate? Our passion condoms are just the thing you need for a night of pure pleasure…

Tuesday: For an intense closeness that you wouldn't expect from a condom, try our silk thin condoms

Wednesday: Want the moment to last a little longer? Our Infinity condoms are just the thing to extend pleasure time.

Thursday: For enhancing pleasure for both parties, use our ribbed and dotted Intensity condoms.

Friday: Add a touch of colour to your sex-life with our bright and invigorating Taste condoms

To celebrate Men’s Health Week, you’ll receive a free bottle of 75ml lube with any 144 condom pack between the 14th-21st June.

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